Absolute HTML with Mom 3.0

The easiest way to start building websites

Every journey starts with a first step.

The hardest thing in web development is starting. While the web is flooded with information, it is hard to figure out where to start from to become comfortable in this exciting world. Learning HTML is the foundation to everything web. To make things easier and accessible My mom to join me, as a teacher the fundamentals of web design with HTML. The outcome is The most accessible[^1] easy-to-understand starting point for web development and design. By the end of this course you will be comfortable working with HTML and will be starting your journey to become a web developer or designer.

[^1]: As part of our effort to make the web more accessible, we've invested capital into transcribing all of the videos to include closed captions.

Benefits of knowing HTML

It doesn't matter if you plan to be, designer, programmer or a web expert of any kind, because HTML is the bare bones foundation block behind all online skills. By being comfortable with the basics of HTML you will elevate your skills and many fields. To top it off learning HTML might sound scary but it's incredibly easy and fun ( Even my mom thinks so).

Improve your skills

We live in a digital age. Staying behind is so unrewarding. The world around us is rapidly evolving but the one constant in this digital age is the need for people to create. The core foundation block of the web is HTML. It's been around with us for over 20 years and has evolved yet is as simple as it was years ago (with the right mentoring).

Explaining to someone that doesn't know how to read why it would be beneficiary for them is a hard task. Yet you're reading this and know that you're skills of reading have elevated your life, your communication skills and your overall success. In the digital World that we live in today having technical skills translate into better communication skills: with other people, Technologies and corporations.

While not all will become master developers or designers, these core skills (communication skills) will change your life for ever.

Empower your communication

One if not the most important communication breakthrough on earth was it when people learned how to read and write. Reading enabled people to be more informed, while writing enabled peoples influence.

In the digital age that we live in most people only know how to digitally read as they consume things that where created by programmers and designers. The people with the highest advantage in this age are the ones that know how to create programs and understand how they work. One of the core building blocks of communication in the digital age is HTML. This course is fun, easy, engaging and accessible making it the one stop pub to build your new skills.

Become more productive, ask for a raise.

Companies adore productivity. There is a limit productivity without leveraging technology. Understanding the basics of how to interact with technologies make your more valuable to companies. The skills that you will acquire in this course will make you more productive. In return that productivity will turn into your time becoming more valuable.

Programmers all over the world benefit from higher pay than other industries. This isn't a fluke. Programmers create technologies that save time. As time is the most valuable resource, controlling time equals high rewards.

For example, a non-technical person could spend their whole entire month working on a task that could be done in minutes with the aid of technology. While not all companies are digital today, there is a cross sector push for higher productivity all over the world. While this course does not focus on finances, it will lead you to a new way of thinking that will change the way you think.

What will you learn?

During this starting course in web development you will learn many things and among them:

  • How to create HTML tags and build web pages

  • Working with Text editors to create web sites.

  • The core of web design foundations.

  • Getting familiar with most of the HTML tags.

  • Understanding the new world of HTML5.

  • Discovering the differences and roles of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

  • and much more!

What should you expect?

The course consists of hours of step by step videos that don’t assume previous knowledge. My mom shadows every step of the training and interjects everyytime things get complicated. We have built in support, you are never alone with a click away from interacting directly with your trainer or fellow students. We won’t give up helping you until you understand exactly every video means. To top it off our interactive content will help you connect the dots creating an active and exciting learning environment. This course is derived out of years of research in technology enhanced education and is the best starter course in HTML focused on you and your skills.

Rome wasn't built in a day, nor will your skills. We would love to promise you you will know everything in 24 hours - even though large publishers claim that, we feel lying to you is wrong. In reality this course is going to give you the core foundation that will empower all your choices and the rest of your career.

By the end of this course you'll be proficient in HTML and ready to explor CSS and JavaScript or continue down other paths such as becoming an SCO expert. There're many skills that demand HTML knowledge, this course will give you the foundation needed for practically almost everything related to creating content or managing content online.

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Absolute HTML with Mom 3.0

The easiest way to start building websites